How to dress with menopause belly

While progesterone is the usual culprit for bloating, some can bloat with oestrogen also (unfortunately) - I’m one of them. . Try standing against a wall: your body should touch the wall at the back of your head, at shoulder and bottom. A form-fitting pencil dress can work wonders on your middle - the trick is to choose a high-waist style in a structured fabric. Tucking can draw attention to your non-existent waist again, so it is better to avoid this. . . . 10 tummy control underwear: Editor Recommended. .


. . . Best Menopause Supplement for Mood Swings : Rejuvica Health Balanced Femme. Natural remedies are more humane but vary in effect. Fig: 14. Thankfully, good nutrition can support healthy digestion during menopause, and help ward off the worst of these symptoms. That isn’t a dramatic drop, but if. To add further insult, lean muscle starts to. If you are suffering with hot flashes layering will be your best friend. . . Speaking of layering, it works like magic when you need to hide your belly fat. . .

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